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Our mission is to do something awesome by offering products that make this possible.

As the founder of Ironclad Performance Wear, serial entrepreneur, Ed Jaeger hybridized sports technology and industrial apparel. When Ed set his sights on revolutionizing out-of-date motorsports hydration systems, Rainmaker Inc., and the innovative MagLock Air® and FluidLogic® systems were born.

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Like all good patriots, we love our Constitution, Article I, Section, Clause 8 (Copyright Clause)…We have over 52 patents and trademarks filed with Uncle Sam. And this list is growing!

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We race, we run, we fight. Our products are designed with you and us in mind. We made stuff that works.

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Our products work. If they do not, call us. We stand by our products. All of them.

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We love what we build and want you to love it as well. Join us in changing the face of health with perfect connections and perfect delivery of hydration.
How it All Started

The Inspiration for this product was born in the heat of Baja during the yearly Baja 1000 by Ed Jaeger. This was designed by racers for Racers. Our contribution to motorsports is making a perfect athlete. By keeping a racer hydrated throughout the duration of their race, we make sure that they are operating at peak performance throughout their race. FluidLogic and Maglock also have there place as a safety tool by making it safer to get in and out of the car. Our CEO, Ed Jaeger, said it best, “Influenced by my surroundings, my heroes have always been astronauts, pilots, soldiers, and race car drivers. FluidLogic is my contribution to my heroes.”

Believers in "We"

Whether it be climbing a new mountain, winning your next race, breathing clean air, or something else, we belive in doing it together.

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