RainMaker is now FluidLogic.
Come visit our new site at fluidlogic.com


FluidLogic® provides a steering wheel-mounted, illuminated button that remains perfectly in sync to the FluidLogic® App’s user-generated parameters. The button blinks; it’s time to drink. It’s that easy. The next-stage of motorsports hydration evolution is here.


The Micro-button easily mounts to the steering wheel or dash area putting hydration right at your fingertips.

LED Reminder

The FluidLogic® App allows for full control over FluidLogic’s parameters and to customize the system to your biometric profile and racing conditions.

Fluid Containment System

Three capacity options allow the user to choose the system that best suits their needs. All systems include a Quick Release roll-bar mount, allowing for quick installation and making it easy to change the containment system in seconds.

FluidLogic allows you to focus on the road ahead while Delegating your hydration needs to us.


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