RainMaker is now FluidLogic.
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Thirst for Victory.

MissonLogic® fortifies Katara® and FluidLogic® to withstand the battlefield. When all hydration duties can be delegated to an independent, app-enabled, and out-board solution, troops in vehicles, ground, sea, and air are transformed into super-soldiers.

Skip Number One So You Can Be Number One

By intaking water at the same rate of perspiration, the need for bathroom breaks is also wholly eliminated.

Our Strongest MagLock

Built to withstand the most severe impact in the most rugged conditions, MissionLock™ seals soldiers to their air and hydration and with 30-pounds of magnetic pressure, it won’t let go.

Freedom for All

Need to disconnect for any reason? A decreased magnetic side-load let you release from the system in a snap. MissionLogic™ is compatible with a variety of military vehicles on land, sea, and air.