RainMaker is now FluidLogic.
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Breathing Pure and Simple.

Breathe easy on the job when you’re connected to a fresh air supply using DustLock®. An air-tight magnetic MagLock seal assures that you only breathe the air your lungs want.

Don’t Work for Air; Let Your Air Work for You

When you need to get the job done, DustLock® assures that your body receives a constant supply of the clean air it needs.

Safety First

Glowing bands at each of the connector’s base guarantees ease of use even in low-light conditions. Once close, the 20-pounds of magnetic force will do the rest, snapping a perfect seal into place every single time.

Breaking Ground

RainMaker’s patented one-hand, on/off operation means less time struggling with obsolete PPE, and more time—with increased focus and stamina—for your build.