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The Implications of Dehydration on the Track: Lewis Hamilton Struggles During French GP

by RainMaker Inc. August 01, 2022

Lewis Hamilton’s French GP second place victory came at a grueling cost. His hydration system failed midway into the race. The seven-time Champion lost 6-7 lbs. by the end of the race from severe dehydration.

The human body depends on water for survival. Each organ, tissue, and cell in the body requires it to function properly.  In sports performance, the need for proper hydration is amplified, as competitive environments have little margin of error and drivers need a clear head to make quick decisions. This is the genesis of FluidLogic™ by RainMaker™ Inc., the most advanced personal automated drink system available to drivers navigating competitive high speed racetracks. 

FluidLogic founder, Ed Jaeger, an entrepreneur and fellow racer, has set his sights on revolutionizing out-of-date motorsports hydration systems. 

Ed says, “As a racer myself, I saw how dehydration can take a toll on a driver, both during and after a race. By the end of a race it can definitely affect your reaction time. Drivers tell us that they can now focus more on driving without having to think about getting the proper amount of fluids. They now delegate that responsibility to the FluidLogic system. The end result is they can focus more and perform better during the race and feel better afterwards.”

The FluidLogic hydration system delivers precise bursts of fluid through a nozzle integrated into the driver’s helmet microphone. The technology includes a steering wheel-mounted, illuminated button that remains perfectly in sync with the driver’s hydration levels. When the button blinks, it’s time to drink. It’s that simple.

Why hydrate?

Whether you exercise for recreation or are a serious athlete, it’s essential to stay hydrated - before, during, and after physical exertion. Hydration impacts virtually every aspect of sports performance. Experts have learned that our “thirst sensation” begins AFTER we are already 1% to 2% dehydrated, and our mind and body performance are already impacted. Maintaining adequate hydration throughout exercise reduces fluid loss and reduces the potential for heat stress, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. This is true of any physical activity, but it is crucial for prolonged training sessions and competition events.

Hydration improves:

  • agility and muscle function
  • mental clarity
  • energy level
  • stamina and endurance
  • injury prevention
  • thermoregulation
  • recovery

…all of which enhance physical performance and reduce the risk of injury. 

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Stay Hydrated on the Go

RainMaker™ Inc. is at the forefront of active hydration, aiding the performance of athletes in motorsports and more with automated drink systems that simplify body hydration. Our innovative line of FluidLogic products make hydration simple and efficient.

FluidLogic™ is an intuitive, automated, active hydration system, featuring quick release magnetic connectors and a sleek, ergonomic design. Our system is created for decision-makers and end-users in all motorsports industries who are looking for an edge in performance, and athletes of all disciplines who want to increase their performance.