Ryan Arciero Wins Maxxis Tires Vegas to Reno 500 With FluidLogic Hydration System

by Dale Ross October 27, 2021

Ryan Arciero Wins Maxxis Tires “Casey Folks” Vegas to Reno 500
With FluidLogic Hydration System


In the 100-degree heat of the desert between Las Vegas and Reno, consistent hydration using the FluidLogic system gave racer Ryan Arciero the edge he needed to win the Maxxis Tires “Casey Folks” Vegas to Reno 500-mile race in the Trick Truck class.

After 30 years of off-road racing, Arciero knows how important a role proper hydration plays in a 500-mile race in grueling heat. He’s an avid athlete with a tough regime of mountain biking and cross-training to prepare him for the race circuit.

“I have traditionally used the camel pack and hose set up, but I have been wanting to take my hydration to the next level,” said Arciero in a post-race interview. “Today was the first race where I used the FluidLogic system, and I couldn’t have done 500 miles in triple-digit heat without it.  After seven hours of racing, I feel fantastic! I’m ready to turn around and drive back to Vegas, that’s how good I feel. Without this I couldn’t have made this race or won it.”

Optimal hydration is about more than just drinking fluids. It’s about taking in the right amount of fluids on a consistent basis throughout the event. The FluidLogic™ “smart” hydration system is an automatic hydration system that precisely measures and delivers the right amount of fluids right when they are needed to achieve optimal performance. The frequency and amount of fluid can be pre-programmed through the FluidLogic app. The computer alerts the driver that it is time to hydrate with an LED light on the steering wheel. When the light flashes, the driver pushes the button and the “instant-on” pump delivers the perfect amount of fluid to stay hydrated during the race.

Drinking fluid is delivered through a 4-mil hydration hose that runs through the center of a MagLock® fresh-air hose to a mouthpiece that is attached to the driver’s radio mic. Arciero likes that feature as it eliminates an additional hose.

“The fact that the water hose is integrated into the air hose, and it connects with the magnetic Maglock connector, really makes it easy when you have to get out of the truck to change a tire,” said Arciero. “I’ve been able to go from three hoses to two. ”

The third-generation racer said the win today was particularly sweet, as his team lost a truck in last year’s race. His No. 32 Trick Truck was just completed last week, and the team only had limited time to shake it down before taking the green flag.

The FluidLogic system was developed by Ed Jaeger, an entrepreneur and off-road racer himself, and his company, Rainmaker Solutions, Inc., where he is president and CEO. It is designed to integrate with the Maglock magnetic connection, also developed by Rainmaker Solutions, Inc. The Maglock magnetic coupler is the most popular clean-air connection system used in most motorsports series today.

 “A recent study by Dr. David Ferguson of Michigan State University has quantified the benefits of consistent hydration,” said Jaeger. “Drivers that are properly hydrated make less driving errors and produce faster lap times later in the race. The result is drivers can focus more and perform better during the race and feel better after the race.”

After three years of iterations to perfect each and every component, the system underwent a year of extensive testing by drivers in race conditions and the FluidLogic and Maglock Air systems are now in full production and available to motorsports athletes everywhere.