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In Best Season Yet, Colton Herta Stayed Hydrated with Innovative FluidLogic™ System

by Dale Ross October 27, 2021

In Best Season Yet, Colton Herta Stayed Hydrated with Innovative FluidLogic™ System


 Colton Herta closed out the 2021 IndyCar season with another strong performance and another first place finish in the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, following a win in Firestone Grand Prix of Monterey Laguna Seca. As the youngest driver to win an IndyCar Series race with the victory in the 2019 IndyCar Classic in Austin, TX,  Herta has come on strong in 2021, achieving three wins this season. 

One thing that has paid off for Colton Herta Racing this year was trusting FluidLogic™ for his in-car hydration. 

“Delegating my hydration needs to FluidLogic has meant one less thing I need to think about when I’m racing,” said Herta. “It’s consistent, it’s easy to use, and it’s reliable. I’ve had systems that use a windshield wiper pump, and every season I’ve had them break at least once a season, leaving me with no water during the race. FluidLogic does exactly what I need it to when I need it. It keeps me hydrated throughout the race, and it’s made a big difference for me this year.” 

A recent study conducted by Dr. David Ferguson, associate professor at Michigan State University, shows the key to proper hydration is consistency—small amounts of fluids on a consistent basis throughout the race. But when you are racing hard for a win at 180 plus miles per hour, that is not easy to do. The FluidLogic system alerts a driver when it’s time to drink with a light on the steering wheel, and when the driver presses the button, fluids are delivered in just the right amount throughout the race. The result is more consistent performance and less driver errors late in the race. 

“We pre-program the system to let me know when it is time to drink,” said Herta.  “The light flashes, I press a button on the steering wheel, and water squirts into my mouth through the nozzle mounted on the in-helmet microphone. No extra hoses, and no distraction. I stay hydrated and stay focused on racing.” 

The FluidLogic "smart" hydration system is the fastest-growing hydration delivery system in motorsports. Drivers from every series, from IndyCar to NASCAR to all Off-Road series racers are making the logical move to FluidLogic and as Colton Herta has, joined the Hydration Nation. 

“The ‘Hydration Nation’ is the term we use to identify the group of drivers who take their hydration needs seriously.” said Ed Jaeger, president and CEO of Rainmaker Solutions, Inc. “These drivers, across all racing series, have delegated their in-car hydration to FluidLogic.”