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GT Celebration is Back - FluidLogic™ is Ready

by RainMaker Inc. July 25, 2022

FluidLogic™ of RainMaker™ Inc., is excited to announce the GT Celebration is back Friday, July 29, 2022 - Sunday, July 31, 2022 at Road America in Wisconsin, one of the most iconic tracks in the nation. The FluidLogic race team is proud to participate in multiple GT Celebration races throughout the year. 

Watch our video above to see race footage from a GT Celebration race earlier this year in Laguna Seca, and hear driver coach specialist, Joel Miller explain how the FluidLogic hydration system has advanced the overall driver experience.

FluidLogic delivers precise bursts of fluid through a nozzle integrated into the driver’s helmet microphone. The technology includes a steering wheel-mounted, illuminated button that remains perfectly in sync with the driver’s hydration levels. When the button blinks, it’s time to drink. It’s that simple.

GT Celebration was founded in 2019 with ambition to become the ultimate platform for drivers to enjoy the thrill race cars provide at some of the most remarkable venues in the country..The series features a wide range of race cars competing together on the same circuit - true to the heritage of sportscar racing. Drivers choose to compete in either the Full Season, East Coast or West Coast Championship featuring up to 14 races.

Stay Hydrated on the Go

RainMaker is at the forefront of active hydration, aiding the performance of athletes in motorsports and more with automated drink systems that simplify body hydration. Our innovative line of FluidLogic products make hydration simple and efficient.

FluidLogic is an intuitive, automated, active hydration system, featuring quick release magnetic connectors and a sleek, ergonomic design. Our system is created for decision-makers and end-users in all motorsports industries who are looking for an edge in performance, and athletes of all disciplines who want to increase their performance.