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All Veteran Racing Team “Warfighter Made” on a Mission to Win at The Mint 400 with FluidLogic™

by Dale Ross November 09, 2021

When the Mint 400 “The Great American Off-Road Race” begins on Friday, December 3 , many of the vehicles will be equipped with the FluidLogic™ hydration system to keep the drivers hydrated throughout the grueling race, but only one will be powered by a team of 10 battle-tested veterans and two riders-- including one double amputee, two single amputees, one paraplegic and a quadriplegic female veteran.

The vehicle they will be racing in the Mint 400 is a M998 Humvee also known as a high-mobility multi-wheeled vehicle, modified for racing by Warfighter Made and affectionately known as “Beefy”.

Robert Blanton is a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran with 21 years of service. He is a Silver Star recipient and founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization Warfighter Made. Blanton founded the organization in 2012with the mission of helping wounded veterans with their unique transportation needs.

“We have focused our mission around cars because transportation is a key to freedom and independence, which are key elements for a combat wounded veteran,” said Blanton. “Our primary activity is to adapt and customize vehicles for wounded veterans, so they can continue doing the things they enjoy, while their vehicle reflects their individual personality.”

The Warfighter organization helps veterans with a sense of belonging, comradery and purpose. As one of the ways of helping veterans belong, they provide what Blanton refers to as Adrenaline Therapy.

“We have three vehicles that we use in off-road racing events- The Mexican 1000, the Mint 400 and the NORRA 500,” said Blanton. “In these race events we include combat wounded veterans on our race team and allow them to drive a segment of the race. In the upcoming Mint 400, our team of 10 drivers and two riders (all veterans) will include several single and double amputees”.

The Warfighter Made team has finished every race that they have participated in and won their class in this year’s Mexican 1000. On board their vehicle, the FluidLogic™ hydration system keeps the drivers hydrated throughout the grueling heat of a 1000-mile race.

“Staying properly hydrated is the key to remaining focused on a long race,” said Blanton. “The FluidLogic system makes it effortless. It’s one less distraction, one less thing you must think about. Just open your mouth and push the button.”

The Warfighter Made team will once again be delegating their hydration needs to FluidLogic so they can stay focused and hydrated as they race “Beefy” to a win in the Mint 400!

To donate, or to get involved with the Warfighter Made mission, please visit WarfighterMade.org